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Marketing is not what we sell, marketing is what story we tell to our customers and social media is platform which helps us to tell the stories to the world. Our social media marketing
strategies helps you to get the attention you deserve. We serve fresh ideas along with engaging content which keep your customers engaged all the time. Try us if you want to get
maximum out of your social media campaigns.

A Broader Spectrum of Social Media Marketing Activities in Pune...

Social Bookmarking​

The URL of the website based upon the various categories is posted on the various popular social media sites.

Facebook Promotion​

Website on the Facebook after creating the profile is promoted for the Facebook Space by the means of Like, Fan Page and groups are promoted.​

Pinterest Promotion​

After making account, the posts are shared on pinterest and are a photo sharing site.

Online Product Reviews

Company’s products are shared on various online sites

Creation of Social Networking Profiles

Social networking profile of client site is made on the various social networking sites.

LinkedIn Promotion​

Website profile is being promoted on the Linkedin by the means of creating profile and is further promoted by making the related posts and sharing it at online community.

Social Event Marketing​

Through this, a client’s business is ensured through social event marketing for a website promotion.

Social Television

The videos related to various services and products of a company are shred on social television sites.

G+ Promotion

Website profile is created on Google plus and posts related to client services are promoted on Google plus promotion.

Twitter Promotion​

The twitter profile of the company is being used for the promotion of a company on twitter by posting tweets, re-tweeting and sharing them online.

Live Casting​​

In the live casting and streaming, a live video stream of an event occurring at the point of place is being distributed across various online channels.

Audio and Music Sharing

At the various social media sites, music and audio is shared through different sites

Social Media Marketing For Business

The Social Media is a powerful platform to reach your prospective customers. More than 70% of people are daily active on the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Once your brand is popular in the social media, it will show on the newsfeeds of your target audience. The job of a professional social media marketing agency is thus to popularize your brand and improve its visibility.

At Webguru Infosystems, we have a team of qualified and creative social media experts developing successful campaigns and delivering measurable results. As business owners prefer ‘leads’ more than ‘likes’, our results-oriented social media services focus on generating quality leads by creating brand awareness, promoting engagement and increasing the number of conversions.


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